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Hello friends. If you're interested in the best and worst of science reporting online then I have a shiny new thing for that. The thing is a newsletter and you can read it below.

First thing I wrote about was how a non-story about nitrous oxide became a story that drove a ton of outrage on the web.

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Some of the scariest and craziest Matatu graffiti in Nairobi, specifically Thika Super highway.
Nganya Culture Craze! These Are The Top 9 Coolest Matatus On Nairobi Roads Right Now (PHOTOS) - Classic 105

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Roan antelopes are critically endangered in #Kenya, there are only 15 of them in Kenya found only in Ruma National park

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Falls jemand eine Bürokauffrau mit Erfahrungen im Vertrieb, Social Media Marketing, vorbereitender Buchhaltung, diversen Anwendungen, Projektbetreuung und als Baukauffrau im Großraum Berlin (mit Home Office auch sehr gerne bundesweit) sucht, bin ich eure Frau 😁#Jobsuche

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Hallo da draußen, ich bin sowas von #neuhier und Dank @pallenberg überhaupt da. Ich interessiere mich für #nachhaltigkeit privat wie beruflich. Als #Podcaster rede ich auch mit großer Freude darüber. Nichts geht an #digitalisierung vorbei, auch nicht an mir. Gott sei Dank! - Und sonst so?! Habe ich so Lust auf eine Plattform mit gutem Austausch, inspirierenden Beiträgen und volle Pulle Spaß 🤩 Let‘s go!
@schmidt_fu Danke für den Hinweis 🥳

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- Enable #JS
- Disable #Ad Blocker


- Turn on your webcam for facial recognition, holding your social security number
- Speak your full name
- Turn on Location services
- Open this website on #Windows or #Mac, #Linux is not supported
- Use #Chrome only

[ #privacy #surveillance #surveillancecapitalism ]

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ethics, studying First Nations issues 

Friend (who is white) was approached by a student from a European uni doing research related to Indigenous communities in Aus.

Their ethics approval went through their European system, but how could a Euro uni conscientiously approve this type of thing? And little things like no local contact number etc.

Aus unis for all their faults take this stuff seriously. Anyway she's going to Ask Questions.

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disabled wifi on the new samsung fridge (just unplugged this guy, lucky guess). can’t figure out the stove cuz there’s no access panel that i can see on the back of the stove. i fucking hate living in the future

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@swaggboi I really want a "dumb" appliance store. My fridge should keep things cold, my toaster warm things up, my printer put ink on thin slices of dead tree, and my TV show whatever video stream I send it. None of these need to reach out over the network. Please sell me well made, well functioning, single use devices, that serve their purpose well.

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Das kann doch unmöglich ihr Ernst sein!

Telekom und Vodafone wollen in den Datenverkehr eingreifen und den Nutzern eine feste Kennung zuweisen. Diese Kennung könnten dann Website-Betreiber abrufen, um genau zu erfassen, welche Inhalte sich ein Nutzer anguckt.

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Just released version 0.4 of mpl-chord-diagrams with support for directed chords 🎉

If you're looking for a simple library in to make with , then this is for you!

You can simply install it via pip.

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Popular Science, 2nd Law, Quantum Information 

This was a very enjoyable read. ❤️


"Physicists Rewrite the Fundamental Law That Leads to Disorder
Philip Ball

May 26, 2022

The second law of thermodynamics is among the most sacred in all of science, but it has always rested on 19th century arguments about probability. New arguments trace its true source to the flows of quantum information."

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Jede Messaging-App wird zur Wanze, die schon vor der Verschlüsselung aktiv ist. Für den dringend notwendigen besseren Schutz von Kindern ist mit #Chatkontrolle aber nichts gewonnen

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My paper about researching the far right online has been ACCEPTED!!!

I have some minor edits to do. Can't wait.
The paper is about how researching the far right and lurking in their spaces impacts me as a researcher - both academically and as an activist.

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Hi, I am a nearly half a century old Dutch person who is overwhelmed a lot of the time.
I am dedicated to working decades of old trauma out of my rickety body. When I get rid of the all-pervasive fear I'll hopefully start painting again, which made me feel like everything was right with the world. For now I'm creatively constipated and trying to navigate through the fog in my head. (It's hard to find words.)

Would like to follow un-normal people who are as inconsistent as I am. One day post photos of cats, food or moss, next day rage against the government's herd immunity policy, only to be quiet and thoughtful the next. 
Sometimes I actually manage to say something insightful or funny.
Mostly I'm looking for a place where it's safe to be me until the fear which has ruled my life is gone. Then everywhere will be safe.
#tapping #cats #painting #trees #series #CPTSD #survivor #NarcissisticAbuse #Crete #selfreflection 

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-> Manuscript was published in a scientific journal, but there is only accessible via institutional access or pay-for, so I shared the open manuscript firstm Here's the scientific ref

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Discussions in Germany about after recent occurence of |s in Germany.

So I wanted to know how many tornadoes occured per year in the past. And there is a DLR manuscript with >100 years historic record

Let's say, also Germany sees regulalry tornadoes emerging. Did the frequency change with time? Not sure whether historic sources (less reporting?) can be used to deduce anything on this matter...

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