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I won . back to your regular science/life programming

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student in one area of , forever trying to understand all of it. spectator.
also posts about , I find,

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the anti-trans narrative, especially the one about teenagers, is really proliferating. I'm gonna have to start stating the obvious daily.

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Read: At least 130,000 households in England made homeless in pandemic

And that was with the eviction ban – due to domestic abuse and loss of temporary accomodation.

The eviction ban ended 1st June 2021 in the UK. There will probably be a lot more evictions.

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Visiting my grandparents today, can't complain about the reading material

Don't you think it's weird that there's no preoccupation with climate crisis in pop culture? Music, tv shows? In past decades, at least a little bit of preoccupation with nuclear apocalypse scenarios was showing everywhere

It's going to become nearly impossible for humans to live on large parts of our land area. I don't mean "do agriculture" or "have drinking water", I mean "live". At certain heat and humidity, we can't cool our bodies.

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My husband is laughing out loud at how excited I was to see this just now. BOOKMARKED!


The Illuminated Manuscripts of Medieval Europe

A Free Online Course from the University of Colorado


This may accidentally spark some politics arguments 

I've been hearing it both ways on the Uyghur genocide (the mainstream position of western governments and the claim that it's all made up), from not particularly conspiracy-prone directions, including on here. I just want to know - where do you all get your information? Are there more sources behind the latter than hearsay in internet comment sections?

- I want to read a book
- I'm preoccupied with the overwhelming disinformation problem (regarding politics, history; interacting with internet)
Recommendations, anyone? There must be thousands such books out there on a trendy topic. Tell me if you've read any, if they're good (or bad).

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Any ideas what this plant might be? It has a warm spicy scent when bruised. There are a lot of plants growing quite thickly across a small area and not deeply rooted, suggesting it's come up from seed this year. Location is northern England. #florespondence @plants

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“Many internet users mistake this annoying situation as a direct outcome of the GDPR, when in fact companies misuse designs in violation of the law. The GDPR demands a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, as reasonable people would expect, but companies often have the power over the design and narrative when implementing the GDPR.”

Missed this a couple of weeks ago, and it could make a huge difference to our browsing experiences (and compel sites to do better!)

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Spotify uses a ton of energy for streaming. Spotify makes billions while 90% of artists make pennies. Spotify makes A TON of money from ads that are b4 songs uploaded without permission and/or use samples that aren’t cleared.

Is it unethical to use Spotify instead of pirating music and listening to the mp3s offline? Sending $1 on Bandcamp to a musician is probably more than they’ll ever make from you streaming their songs and uses way less electricity.

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An amazing deal!

The latest is The Afrofuturism and the Black Fantastic Bundle and includes 10 awesome ebooks.

Curated by, and including books by Nisi Shawl, Zig Zag Claybourne, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Zelda Knight and...

Especially the NHS has no right to paste rainbows on everything if they're not going to do anything to help trans people

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very cool that transhumanist circles seem to be focused on improving workplace productivity instead of health, equality or anything else in society

out of love with doing or thinking anything as stimulated by random number generators. even traditional/analog ones like tarot don't feel good. it's not interesting or unique to commit a series of minor decisions to a dice roll when it's everywhere.

People are advising me that since the thesis evaluation criteria is to have material "suitable for publication", the easiest way to prove this is publish a few chapters as papers. Then examiners don't have to make the judgement call.
But this book says "suitable for publication" merely means that the thesis is appropriate to be printed and put in the thesis archive.

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I looked into the book "How to get a phd", and maybe this is dated already, because it says nothing about having to publish a few papers, (get teaching experience, conferences, outreach, and why-don't-you-do-a-startup) on top of a thesis to be considered successful.

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So what are all the sites that are down right now?


@DiegoCrespo says it's because #fastly CDN is down.

hopefully I have had a good idea for the final phase and main point of my phd project

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