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student in one area of , forever trying to understand all of it. spectator.
also posts about , I find,

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I started my to put some actual everyday science in the fediverse tag, drown out the current majority in the tag who are just using it on their political opinions. please join me, simply put whatever as appropriate on your science content posts.

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the anti-trans narrative, especially the one about teenagers, is really proliferating. I'm gonna have to start stating the obvious daily.

genital surgery, silly 

will I be able resist going around telling everyone that I'm there for 100% dick-related reasons?

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genital surgery, silly 

I really don't want to work for [big tech company] again,
on the other hand it's a lot of money, could work 1-3 years, get bottom surgery, leave


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Eine sehr schöner Fediverse Guide "Fediverse Erkundungstour BETA" , der zwar gerade erste entsteht und wohl noch viel vor hat. Die Anfänge sind sehr vielversprechend.
#Fediverse #Federation #Friendica #Mastodon
Fediverse Erkundungstour BETA
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uspol, fascism 

This article in Forbes outlines a strategy by Republican lawmakers to bypass the electoral polling entirely.

The first phase was suppression by gerrymandering. Next was throwing out voter registration. Then came claim the vote is fraudulent. Now we have an attempt to bypass the democratic system entirely.

What we are witnessing is the disintegration of democracy in the United States.

In "The Age of Wonder" I read the puzzling fact(?) that there was no concept of "the weather" before the romantic era. Can anyone remember mentions of "the weather", i.e. something that has moods and changes daily, in something written before 1800s?

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why you should get the flu vaccine and why that relates to covid-19 

if there is ONE thing you do this week to proactively help your community, get the flu shot. there are so many places to get the flu shot for free, and while we don’t have a covid vaccine yet, we do have another extremely safe and extremely helpful vaccine available widely, free of charge, that will also help prevent thousands of deaths.

get your flu shot.

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judith butler quote on terfs 

"It would be a disaster for feminism to return either to a strictly biological understanding of gender or to reduce social conduct to a body part or to impose fearful fantasies, their own anxieties, on trans women... Their abiding and very real sense of gender ought to be recognised socially and publicly as a relatively simple matter of according another human dignity. The trans-exclusionary radical feminist position attacks the dignity of trans people."
Judith Butler, interview with the New Statesman
#judithbutler #transfeminism #feminism #philosophy

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Eine Auswahl von fünf Microsoft-Mythen, die insbesondere im Bildungsbereich (Schulen, Universitäten etc.) anzutreffen sind, werden beleuchtet und argumentativ entkräftet. Schluss mit Produktschulungen und Werbung für einen multinationalen Konzern in Schulen!

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An estimated 1.7% of all people worldwide are intersex.

That means there are 132.6 million intersex people on Earth.

727 thousand Oceanians.
7.3 million South Americans.
10 million North Americans.
12.7 million Europeans.
22.9 million Africans.
79 million Asians.

Intersex characteristics vary wildly, and not all are obvious. Many people do not know they are intersex.

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A huge part of destroying public libraries has always been about taking a huge resource away from poor people. It's wild that this isn't common perception.

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If you sat through the Lord of the Rings movies, you can watch this whole video of a spider making an egg sac.

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"#Facebook disabled accounts of people with posting privileges on 18 different pages belonging to environmental and Indigenous rights orgs"

Another reason not to trust Internet monopolies, when those talking about #ClimateJustice are considered outlaws.

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Hey I just noticed that The Dispossessed is now on libcom, or has been reposted on libcom.
So now it's definitely there.
It was on The Anarchist Library. I guess that's why it was posted on libcom. Her short story about Odo "The Day Before the Revolution" is still on there. If you loved The Dispossessed and haven't read it yet, I recommend it.
Even if you haven't read The Dispossessed yet, I recommend you read it (that and The Dispossessed).
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Reminder that I didn't get into a phd program because I'm extra smart - it's because I came to university with some money. That means I don't have to work in summer vacations, so I can hang around the university doing internships and projects even though I didn't win funding. That means next summer I'm more likely to get a paid research internship. And two summer research projects on my CV "shows enthusiasm", commitment, and experience and is probably the deciding factor in getting in.

Nature News: "Censored: Australian scientists say suppression of environment research is getting worse"

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I mean personally I feel like trans people don't have to explain their existence, individually or collectively, to anyone to demand rights. But if people are going to attempt it anyway, I want them to do it effectively.

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