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Hi everyone! I had assumed my account got deleted due to inactivity a long time ago, until I found the notifications in my spam folder.

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student in one area of , forever trying to understand all of it. spectator.
also posts about , I find,

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the anti-trans narrative, especially the one about teenagers, is really proliferating. I'm gonna have to start stating the obvious daily.

*weirder maybe if I make this my home address I'll finally learn how to spell it

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might migrate to,, or (and return to the science side with a second account)

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hey fedi: i want like a basic e-reader i can just throw .epubs and PDFs onto. doesn't need a store or internet connectivity or a touch screen or anything. any recs?

(must be available in Canada)

#AskFedi #FediRecs #RecsWanted 🐘

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On The Go Map is a route planner for running, walking, biking, or driving where you can plot your route points, see the elevation, and share the map: Powered by #OpenStreetMap. #onthegomap

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fun language fact 

In Dutch unstressed syllables reduce agressively, and certain words (especially pronouns) don't always get stressed. So the sentence "Wil jij jouw jas?" /ʋɪl jɛi jau jɑs/ (Do you want your jacket?) with default stress becomes "Wil je je jas?" [ˌʋɪjəjə'jɑs] which is an amazing amount of fun to say!

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Shameless self promotion! In my data visualization struggles, I often find myself searching "matplotlib colors" far too many time -- so I wrote a tool to display them in the terminal! Colorbars too :)

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Io - a world around Jupiter

(I didn't like the previous colour balance so I decided to remake it)

Full Size:

Mission: Galileo - 2001-10-16
Image created from raw data found on

#Io #Galileo #Space

hypocritically unfollowing the inactive (6 months)

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Weil ich das bisher nur getwittert habe, & meine Tweets natürlich alle gesperrt sind, hier nochmal die #ClimateINACTIONStripes, die zeigen, dass:

- die #Klimakrise ständig schlimmer wird, &

- #Klimapolitik nicht stattfindet.

Kontext: die Aktionen von @AufstandLastGen

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(from twitter) 



First trans Councillor in Glasgow's history 💚💚💚


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I'm giving a short intro to #openscience (very broadly defined) to PhD students this week.

What are the things you wish you had been told as a PhD about how to practice Open Science?

What still confuses you to this day?

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in seinem aktuellen toot bezeichnet @janboehm uns mastodon bzw fediverse-user:innen als "mastis"

meines wissens nach wurde das aber nicht demokratisch beschlossen

wie wollen wir als fedi-user:innen denn genannt werden?

Thanks everyone who followed me for some reason

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This may accidentally spark some politics arguments 

To be clear I meant this as trying to wrap my head around what information environments other people are living in. The intended question was not "is this true" but "where is this coming from".

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