student in one area of , forever trying to understand all of it. spectator.
also posts about , I find,

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@coldwave Could I ask what's your PhD is on? I am doing my PhD in physics too.

@ionhandshaker lol its complicated and I'm not sure, basically I'm at mechanics of flexible microscale objects such as cell membranes. you?

@coldwave So, you do biophysics, I guess? :) I work on quantum sensing.

@ionhandshaker not exactly bio because its more generic math than chemistry detail, and could apply to a lot of other things. what I really want to know to picture what someone does: do you make / measure things in a lab, or is it theory, or simulation?

@ionhandshaker for self-improvement I'm gonna try again to explain this more professionally. I study the theory of microscale membranes and interfaces, which falls under soft condensed matter physics and has elements of thermodynamics and statistical physics, field theories, and differential geometry.

@coldwave I simulate devices and then do measurements at lab.

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