ok everyone, I need book recommendations.
I like books to be HUGE, complex to incomplehensible, and sort of pointless. I like: Moby Dick, Pynchon (Gravity's Rainbow, Mason and Dixon), The Quincunx (Palliser), Bas-Lag series, Mieville, Eco, ...
got any similar by more diverse authors? While these were good, being entertained by what JUST white men have to say is reaching its limits.

I even picked up Infinite Jest but then decided to just never read it because I heard it's about some guy and his alcoholism and relationship problems, could find some slightly better book to spend that much time on.
(it looks like I don't even care about quality as long as they're big and eccentric... Castle of Udolpho and Melville the Wanderer were ok)

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I don't like it to be about characters, people, and relationships (even though character development is traditionally "good writing")
but concepts, things, setting, zeitgeist, historical developments...

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@2ck @groff @MmeLibertine @tfardet @mryouse
thanks everyone, that's a lot. list of things to research to work through

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@coldwave that's a bizarre description of Infinite Jest. i assume the "alcoholic" is James Incandenza, but it's not "about" that character. It's hard to give it a concise description.

You may like the Vorkosigan saga by Lois McMaster Bujold, it's not incomprehensible nor pointless but I think it's great and it should fit the other requirements.

@tfardet with "pointless" I sort of mean it doesn't have one straightforward theme or moral,
and I don't feel preached at by the author

@tfardet just remembered the proper term for a big collection of interesting thoughts that doesn't directly go anywhere is "encyclopedic novel"

@coldwave i enjoyed 2666 by Bolaño. The Pale King by DFW is more incomprehesible/pointless than IJ, in my opinion, both because of the theme and the fact that it was assembled by his editor based on drafts he didn't finish

@coldwave House of Leaves is not pointless, but can be incomprehensible

@coldwave Ducks, Newberyport Lucy Ellman is a 1,000 page run on sentence. haven't read it, but am quite intrigured

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