ok everyone, I need book recommendations.
I like books to be HUGE, complex to incomplehensible, and sort of pointless. I like: Moby Dick, Pynchon (Gravity's Rainbow, Mason and Dixon), The Quincunx (Palliser), Bas-Lag series, Mieville, Eco, ...
got any similar by more diverse authors? While these were good, being entertained by what JUST white men have to say is reaching its limits.

I even picked up Infinite Jest but then decided to just never read it because I heard it's about some guy and his alcoholism and relationship problems, could find some slightly better book to spend that much time on.
(it looks like I don't even care about quality as long as they're big and eccentric... Castle of Udolpho and Melville the Wanderer were ok)

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I don't like it to be about characters, people, and relationships (even though character development is traditionally "good writing")
but concepts, things, setting, zeitgeist, historical developments...

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@2ck @groff @MmeLibertine @tfardet @mryouse
thanks everyone, that's a lot. list of things to research to work through

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@coldwave that's a bizarre description of Infinite Jest. i assume the "alcoholic" is James Incandenza, but it's not "about" that character. It's hard to give it a concise description.

. @coldwave Kameron Hurley, especially The Stars are Legion or the Mirror Empire trilogy. NK Jemesin, especially The Broken Earth trilogy. R.B. Lemberg's Birdverse works. All very well developed, unique worlds that dismantle patriarchy, gender binary, and dang near everything else.

You may like the Vorkosigan saga by Lois McMaster Bujold, it's not incomprehensible nor pointless but I think it's great and it should fit the other requirements.

@tfardet with "pointless" I sort of mean it doesn't have one straightforward theme or moral,
and I don't feel preached at by the author

@tfardet just remembered the proper term for a big collection of interesting thoughts that doesn't directly go anywhere is "encyclopedic novel"

@coldwave i enjoyed 2666 by Bolaño. The Pale King by DFW is more incomprehesible/pointless than IJ, in my opinion, both because of the theme and the fact that it was assembled by his editor based on drafts he didn't finish

@coldwave House of Leaves is not pointless, but can be incomprehensible

@coldwave Ducks, Newberyport Lucy Ellman is a 1,000 page run on sentence. haven't read it, but am quite intrigured

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