Ever since breaking my ankle at the beginning of September, I have been waaaay less mobile. Only by now am I (almost) capable of (slowly) walking again without crutches.

Unexpected(?) side effect: I have barely edited #openstreetmap during this time. Planning and surveying routes during runs is a much larger factor for me than I thought.

#OSM #running

@ward I run and explore a lot, didn't think of editing openstreetmap!

@coldwave I can recommend it if you have the time, even if only to help you on planning your own next trip :D

@ward always need random destinations and reasons to go there. how can I know where there are areas in need of filling in/correcting?

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@coldwave You could look around for notes on the map with questions from other mappers. A skim where aerial imagery and routes dont match up is also easy to quickly confirm.

I dont prep it in that way. Mostly I plan a route based on just what I feel like running, unrelated to OSM. The updating follows from spotting things that do not add up with the route that I planned, or noticing a lack of mapped POIs etc.

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