(reposting image for personal comment on growing up internet)
remember internet quizzes for preteens, like "what is your true hair color", "what X character are you"? that was my first internet experience; I was obsessed in that identity-seeking phase. And they felt approximately this alien and difficult. I could not in fact make sense of question or truthfully choose an answer for items in "what high school clique do you belong to".

feeling personally attacked because I've already managed to not understand all of chapter 1, despite how the author thinks it's all obvious

trans, "ROGD", standard doctor transphobia 

yes, statistics this year are slightly different than past years so obviously it's time to throw out all past experience and evidence and start over with medicine, this time based on things overheard in the break room and some scenarios that just popped into our imagination.

in case you're cis and didn't know: in the UK it's have money or wait 3+ years. (not pictured: once you get in, they make you wait another 1+ years before you get hormones. also times getting worse further down).
source: genderkit.org.uk/resources/gen

sorry about the brand promotion but can we appreciate how gay my trail shoes are? nice that nike makes them in trans

mileage is weak lately but I'm still every day. (the app is fito, a less tracked alternative to runkeeper and strava. works great!)

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