is Turban 2019, which quantifies long-term mental health effect of professionals trying to influence young patients to not be transgender (spoilers: not good)

(look open-access as html to me. scihub broken

another didactic theoretical physics arXiv find: explains what kinks, solitons, and breathers are

"Computational design of transmembrane pores", Nature,

Basically, we can do what now? Those things are big and super cool. The computing power and understanding of protein structure and transport effects for humanity to even be thinking about doing this.

more on the MIP*=RE paper
, follow through to paper at your leisure, I'm not about to actually read it

"A Simple Introduction to Particle Physics" (part 1)
I like the math-first approach better than how they teach at undergraduate physics. I almost get it this time, except for making the connection to experiment.

I started my to put some actual everyday science in the fediverse tag, drown out the current majority in the tag who are just using it on their political opinions. please join me, simply put whatever as appropriate on your science content posts.

I post a (or pop science piece leading to papers), some days. not usually the newest press releases but I really like this idea - spherical harmonics of the entire atmosphere :)

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