academia rant 

For me, the worst part of being an ECR having to constantly promote myself. I hate writing about myself.

I would rather put all the time into writing about my ideas. I actually like that part of proposal writing. I could expound on my hypotheses and potential projects all day.

In grants I have to waste so much time and effort bloviating about the grand narrative of my anticipated career, when I know almost nothing I have accomplished so far has proceeded how I expected.

of the week: this lovely drawing of a Jurassic era community attached to a floating log. Dominated by whimsical echinoderms called crinoids (much more common in the Mesozoic than today), it is both familiar and alien at the same time. From "Reconstructing the ecology of a Jurassic pseudoplanktonic raft colony"

Hello to this new instance!
For , I am a researcher at Biosphere 2 at University of Arizona. Until recently I was a postdoc at University of Haifa. I study clams, how they make their shells, and what the diaries in their shells can tell us about our world. I also love teaching, writing, nature photography, politics, coffee, kombucha, anything with tahini on it, indoor/outdoor gardening, and my hermit crab Saul. You can also find me at @dantheclamman

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