Can anyone recommend a good translation of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"? I finally want to read this book to learn how to deal with industry "partners" in a current research project. Unfortunately my Mandarin is not good enough (yet) to read the original and it seems there are only a lot of badly edited English translations out there... Thankful for any help!

@eschenbach My apparently historically sound edition is the one by Michael Nylan for Norton BUUUUT while this might be rather useful if you're currently engaged in siege warfare in antiquity, it seems less so for basically anything else including business negotiations ... honestly confused about how this idea of Sun Tzu as self-help literature has become so widely accepted, even

@eschenbach might be indeed interesting and useful if your industry partners keep quoting him, of course 😏

@jbirken I'm quite glad they didn't do that (yet). And as a disclaimer: I definitely do not intend to, either. After all, warfare doesn't make sense when playing with an open hand (at least that's what I think).

@jbirken Thanks for the inisght! Yes, I have to say that the idea of using this work as a "manual for the modern business world" also confuses me BUUT instead of just reading what other people say about it I now decided to see for myself and then decide if I am able to comprehend this transfer or if the text is just a historically interesting work 🙂

@eschenbach yeah I think the Nylan translation should be fine, then, it is easily readable but has useful notes on how previous editions had different interpretations of specific metaphors/contexts

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