When I started at DDU last year with the outlook of doing a PhD I couldn't really believe that this was about to happen.
Today I was officially accepted as a PhD candidate. I am in the lucky position to have an excellent and caring supervisor, great colleagues and I consider it a huge privilege that I am able to follow this path. Many researchers considerably better than me can't for various reasons, so I'm even more grateful for the opportunity. I won't waste it!

It's 28Β°C outside but in the office it feels even hotter. May this be because I'm working with After Effects since this morning? πŸ€”

Handed in my PhD proposal on Friday, feels like a big stone has been lifted off of me, although the real work is yet to come... Looking forward to a great time of research!

@encelado @giuseppebilotta I wholeheartedly agree and even have to admit that my own repos are still lacking this. They are definitely not "commonly used in research" πŸ˜… but I will definitely add such a note for reasons of integrity.

@toxomat Yes! That is, scientifically speaking, even a bigger point. I agree πŸ’― %. Thank you for the addition πŸ™

@chaosupdates Finde es irgendwie nachvollziehbar, dass Nationalflaggen von Mastodon als "sensitive content" markiert werden πŸ˜‚

I work at the Osservatorio Etneo, Catania section of the Italian National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology .
Mathematician by formation, scientific software developer by necessity, I work on flow , assessment, mitigation.
Much of my work revolves around (), w/ a preference for ().
I should probably mention my interest in and , but I ran out of characters …

@giuseppebilotta I totally agree, citation guidelines should definitely be included and often it's a lot of work to find the correct info! But in cases where it doesn't exist it's much better practice to cite the repo instead of nothing :)

After all: Writing is talking the talk. Coding is walking the walk. So please, fellow peers: Cite your software. Spend some time researching how the authors that your research is based on want to have their code cited. Do your due diligence. Be fair!

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It strikes me as odd that (at least in my discipline) a lot of fellow researchers do not regard it as necessary to correctly cite the software used in/for their own research. I have even received complaints by fellow peers for practicing absolutely rigorous citing of all software that is involved in my research. Why do people seem to feel that code is somehow less valuable than written words?

I'd like to tell you about a paper of mine that was published recently. It's called "Subgraph complementation and minimum rank" and it is joint work with Calum Buchanan and Puck Rombach at the University of Vermont (I was at the University of West Bohemia during the project, I am currently between institutions). It was published in Electronic Journal of Combinatorics a couple of months ago. Here's a link: doi.org/10.37236/10383

#mathematics #research #graphtheory

@jbirken I'm quite glad they didn't do that (yet). And as a disclaimer: I definitely do not intend to, either. After all, warfare doesn't make sense when playing with an open hand (at least that's what I think).

@jbirken Thanks for the inisght! Yes, I have to say that the idea of using this work as a "manual for the modern business world" also confuses me BUUT instead of just reading what other people say about it I now decided to see for myself and then decide if I am able to comprehend this transfer or if the text is just a historically interesting work πŸ™‚

Can anyone recommend a good translation of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"? I finally want to read this book to learn how to deal with industry "partners" in a current research project. Unfortunately my Mandarin is not good enough (yet) to read the original and it seems there are only a lot of badly edited English translations out there... Thankful for any help!

Today I'm recording a new video tutorial for my students dealing with different drawing tools in . While explaining the different drawing possibilities within the software, I'll also teach them lots about curve degrees and continuity. I hope they can appreciate all these beautiful facts about geometry πŸ“

Obviously I meant . So to make up for this error, here is a pic from this morning.

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Hey people in this thing, I am just getting started around here πŸ˜… I'm a trained industrial designer but work in architectural research. I'm specialized in the conceptualization and development of digital design tools, so I do a lot of software development. I'm an enthusiast. My PhD research is about digital tools during the transformation to a circular economy in architecture. It's 6:10 over here and I'm going for my usual morning run, together with our dog πŸ•

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