June's free article from the HPLA archives is:

"T. H. Green on Property and Moral Responsibility", by David Crossley (HPLA 6)

Download: doi.org/10.30965/26664275-0060

The journal which I am currently serving as Editor-in-Chief has its own Mastodon account now. Say hello to @hpla.

If you write on the history of philosophy, and you can identify with the journals mission and motto, feel free to submit your articles!

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Hello! I'm History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis, an academic journal dedicated to the history of philosophy. The motto of journal is "The history of philosophy should not only be honored as historical documents, but first and foremost be taken seriously from a philosophical point of view."
The journal has been published since 1998; since moving, in 2020, to Brill Publishers, the journal appears twice per year.


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