Our timeline is filled with people celebrating that #adobe plans to offer a freemium version of #Photoshop for the browser.

Just in case you didn't know:
#GIMP, #Krita @krita, #Inkscape @inkscape, #Scribus and many other great graphics tools are already available - free/libre to use, free to improve, free to share. Check them out! 💙

We’re happy to announce our next steps in raising the bar for longevity: #Fairphone Easy! 💥 The sustainable smartphone for a monthly fee. Free repairs, maintenance and a 48 hour swap service. Available in the Netherlands for now…but watch this space! 😉 bit.ly/3HsNnIk

Si no pudiste ver mi directo para @jugandoenlinux enseñando que tal va el servidor del juego #Veloren en una #raspberrypi 4 4GB, aquí puedes verlo: twitch.tv/videos/1501902669

Ivo Welch: Thanks. I will put in a suggestion that the docs refer to q() in 'see also' for 'stop'.
Brian D. Ripley: I don't think anyone else is confusing 'exit' with 'stop', though. I hope you don't when driving ....
--Ivo Welch and Brian D. Ripley
R-help March 2004 #RStats

Warming of Earth’s surface and oceans continues apace, contrary to claims in blog climatefeedback.org/claimrevie

The Fediverse is such a serene rational island that I hate to bring the madness of Twitter into it, but as part of the fact-checking group we just reviewed an exceptionally misleading blog post.

It is really nice to do such reviews with knowledgeable colleagues rather than on your own. ClimateFeedback even contacted the author of the article which was abused as "evidence".

✅ The Free Android distribution Replicant,

✅ the Italian Linux Society,

✅ the self-hosting system YunoHost

just signed the open letter for the right to install any software on any device.

#Ecodesign #RightToRepair

El derecho universal a instalar cualquier software en cualquier dispositivo fsfe.org/activities/upcyclinga a través de @fsfe

Hi all!!! New to the fediverse!! Do you recommend any way to post my toots to Twitter as tweets? I would help me keep using this instead of Twitter. Thanks!

Just signed: @conservancy @aprilorg @fdroidorg support users' right to install any software on any device, and so do ⭐74⭐ other organisations who signed our open letter. Still counting! Both tech & the environment benefit from advanced digital rights.



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