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"What’s needed is [...] regulation, empowerment of ordinary people and empowerment of workers." (@emilymbender@twitter.com
2022, medium.com/@emilymenonbender/o)

Well, this fine #openaccess book (langsci-press.org/catalog/book) edited by @DorothyKenny18@twitter.com talks about it all: #machinetranslation literacy for multilingual citizens and professional translators, how to work your way through with the aid of #machinetranslation and the many ethical implications the technology comes with. (1/2)

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Do you want to translate or proofread our material in your language, to spread the message of software freedom in your country? Join our team! We will give you the technical skills you need to translate our pages.

Come to our meeting on Monday 19:00 CEST. #softwarefreedom lists.fsfe.org/mailman/listinf

I'm a professional translator at the Institute for scientific and technical information of French CNRS. My interests are translation and multilingualism of scholarly communication in OS context, NLP (esp. NMT) as translation and writing assistive technologies, and linguistic and subject-oriented collaboration in producing scholarly content. Also curious ab't terminology extraction and phraseology checks through using concordancing. Looking forward to have fun sharing w/ this group


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