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The announcement of FediScience got 500 boosts.

More important would be to spread the news outside of Mastodon. They need more explanation, so I wrote the above blog post to explain why Mastodon is better for us & for society.

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Reminder that (now) Professor Katherine L. Bouman led the development of the algorithm that captured our first picture of a black hole. She wrote a dissertation on taking pictures of black holes, she wrote software to take pictures of black holes, she was the person who named the algorithm based on her work, her name was first on the paper that described the algorithm, and then her software took a picture of a black hole.

She's not an astronomer, she's a computer scientist and electrical engineer, and she isn't a lone genius doing this in a garage, she's part of a global team of people from many different disciplines. There was a dozen people contributing code to the project. But she isn't a random team member that got attention because she was cute, she is in a very direct sense responsible for creating that picture, more than Elon Musk has ever sent a rocket to space or created an electrical car.……

Okaaaay. So :
- ADAM is a challenge regarding only MR data (more precisely ToF MRA)
- CADA is less specific and aims at assessing the whole therapeutic flow from detection to rupture risk.

Note CADA itself is subdivided into 3 challenges, detection, segmentation and risk assessment.

Looking forward to reading the challengers' results, no time to participate for now...

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@mcpaccard (voir son profil) mène une enquête sur l’expérience des utilisateurs et utilisatrices de #Peertube (soit en tant que spectatrices / spectateurs soit en tant que vidéastes qui publient du contenu) mais qui n'ont PAS un profil technique.
Contactez-la si vous correspondez à ces critères.


has 2 brain aneurysm-dedicated challenges...

Let's dig to see what the fundamental differences between the two.

Geodesist with a special interest in the gravity field and sea level. Dabbling in climatology and climatocommunicology. Linux, LaTeX and freedom in general.

A publicly available model of the heart.

I am looking forward to seeing "Open Science" named "Science"...

I am a research engineer in neurovascular field. My PhD (loooong ago) was about deformable models and medical imaging. After a post-doctoral position in cardiac imaging (coronary vessels segmentation), I slighty slided in the software development management but always with medical imaging in mind.

Open source enthousiast, health data concerned, on the fediverse for 3 years now thanks to !

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