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Micro-blogging for scientists without nasties & surveillance variable-variability.blogspot.

The announcement of FediScience got 500 boosts.

More important would be to spread the news outside of Mastodon. They need more explanation, so I wrote the above blog post to explain why Mastodon is better for us & for society.

Please spread on social networks this Monday at 3pm (Berlin), 2pm (London), 9am (New York). You will find a post here:

And a Tweet here:

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I am a computing scientist at the University of Glasgow in Scotland and my specific interests are compilers for acceleration of scientific code, parallel and heterogeneous programming, GPUs and specifically FPGAs.

@VictorVenema Very very thnx for this amazing effort towards getting the fediverse achieve the goal of open scientific discussion and seamless distribution of knowledge.❤️❤️

Fediscience is the social network for scientists.