New publication: A methodological contribution to tracking bias/fairness in NLP models.

Dayanik, Vu, Pado: Analysis of Bias in NLP Models With Regression and Effect Sizes. Northern European Journal of Language Technology 8(1).

It's really great to see how the #openaccess book series TMNLP (Translation and multilingual natural language processing, @ Language Science Press, edited by three colleagues and myself is progressing, and the "MNLP" part which admittedly lagged behind a bit initially is now also strengthened. Full steam ahead! #TranslationStudies

Anybody in academia? I'm about to apply for tenure, but I haven't been able to have regular casual conversations with profs at my college for months/years, and I don't have any family in academia.

So, this is a shout for help into the void: any advice? Anything I'm likely to mess up?

Fast vergessen, den wichtigen Hashtag zu nutzen: #neuhier

Wir microbloggen über unser Abenteuer mit dem eAuto (und der Fähre) bis zum Polarkreis zu fahren.

New vacancy for a PhD position (employee) at the University of Groningen (Faculty of Arts) investigating , with Martijn Wieling, Jelske Dijkstra and me!

Ja, man kann mit technischem Sachverstand und Drittanbieter-Softwsre alle Tracker der DB Navigator-App abschalten. Es darf aber nicht Aufgabe des Nutzers sein, den rechtskonformen Betrieb von Apps auf dem eigenen Smartphone sicherzustellen. Helfen Sie, der Bahn das klarzumachen: #DBTracking

Testing a theory that dalle2 does worse at generating things the smaller they get, I discovered that it makes really mean eye charts.

People from our institute went to three different conferences in three different countries this spring/summer. At each event, at least half of the attendants got COVID. Looks like it's included in the conference fee this year..

On a more serious note, that doesn't bode well for big community events.

Our university is hosting a science-to-public event of the Austrian Academy of Sciences tomorrow evening. I will give one of the talks where I will try to explain what my research is about in 10 minutes.

Hey Fediverse! Are there any examples of notorious "armchair physics" theories, in the sense of theories that are spun based off popular science information and not actually going into the math?

Alternatively, any pieces about the potential dangers of oversimplifying the results of science without highlighting the theoretical work that goes into it?

#HelpWanted #BoostsAppreciated :boost_requested:


Hi everyone! My name is Christian Spannagel. I'm a professor for mathematics and computer science education at Heidelberg University of Education. I am interested in many things :), especially in the inverted classroom method (#flipclass), #itstuff, #sustainability, and #openscience.

Green, pink, orange. The last one because I like everything about traveling except the actual traveling part


I made an academic version. Pick 3 potions. The effects are permanent.


Claas Voelcker on academic work-life balance:, via

I think we all know that many academics (myself included!) struggle to keep our weekend and evening time free of work-related distractions. Voelcker investigates where this pressure to work comes from (often internally) and suggests that overwork may block creativity; taking time off can make you more productive.

remote postdoc question 

Has anyone done or applied to a postdoc position in a remote working capacity? Any tips/advice/caution would be very appreciated! Mostly how to be taken seriously in the application process (considering theoretical/modelling chemical engineering positions presently)

In Poland, getting a full professor title requires sign-off by the president of the country, currently Andrzej Duda. As part of a pattern of holocaust denial from Duda's party, Duda has refused for three years to sign off on the application of Michał Bilewicz, head of the Center for Research on Prejudice at the University of Warsaw and a prominent researcher on, among other things, anti-semitism in Poland., via

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