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Just realized I never did an on Fediscience...
So hi there! (better late than never)
I'm a physicist by training doing a postdoc on and

I like books, and I'm generally interested in and
I mostly talk about my research fields here, if you want to hear about FLOSS, (in) and , check my alt: @tfardet

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I was looking for a tool in to do ...
I did not find anything I really liked, but stumbled on an old git repo with promising PRs:

A day later, I have a good enough tool for my use cases:

If you want to check it out or hunt bugs, it's now on Pypi: pip install mpl-chord-diagram

Libreture promotes DRM-free ebooks, has a directory of DRM-free bookshops, and provides an online ecosystem (storage, reading lists etc) specifically designed for DRM-free ebooks. You can follow them at:

➡️ @libreture

Their site is at

(DRM-free means that you can keep the book you buy forever, and use it on any device you choose, even if the bookshop closes down.)

#Libreture #eBooks #Books #eBook #Book #eComics #Comics #DigitalComics #Reading #DRM #DRMfree #eReaders

"Operating Relays at Universities: Experiences and Considerations"

I don't know whether these people are part of @torproject but if not, this may interest you.
Also @VictorVenema this may interest you as related experience with respect to hosting free project in

Do you want to see what post-quantum ⚛️ crypto looks like in a web browser 🌐 ? Try out the revised, expanded, and improved OpenSSLNTRU demo! :OpenAccess:

⚗️ A joint work with @hashbreaker, Billy Brumley (@NISEC_TAU), and Ming-Shing Chen.

#PQC #NTRUPrime #cryptography #lattices #OpenSSL

Daily link: the pneumatic post of Paris 

"The network in Paris was commenced in 1866 by the construction of an experimental line between the telegraph offices at Grand Hotel and place de la Bourse."

#communication #history #france #paris

I'm working on a research paper about building communities with decentralized web technologies. I've decided to publish weekly progress reports as a way to collect my thoughts and get over my apprehension of sharing my work.

#decentralization #blockchain #ActivityPub

We are hiring researchers in Category Theory and Bayesian Inference! Reach out to join us, or recommend a friend.

Deep into category theoretic structures and interested to apply your understanding?

Working on Bayesian inference algorithms, but wish they could be part of a more solid model framework?

My department (U of Glasgow Computing Science) is offering up to 8 studentships to support #PhD research starting by January 2022. Info session for potential applicants will take place online on Wed 9 June at 12 noon

If you like to do a #PhD with me, on type-driven systems security, low carbon computing or #compilers for FPGAs and other heterogeneous systems, please talk to me.

Boosts appreciated.

There are several different visibility settings for toots on Mastodon.

You can choose which visibility you want when you are writing a toot, click on the 🌎 icon below the text.

If there is a particular setting you prefer, you can use it as the default setting by going to:

Preferences > Other > Posting Privacy (select which default you want, then click the "Save Changes" button)

Whatever you choose as default, you can always pick another setting when writing a toot.

#MastoTips #FediTips

If you want people to notice your posts on the Fediverse, use hashtags!

Most Fediverse platforms like Mastodon only allow searching by hashtag, so if you don't include tags your post won't show up in search results.

It is ok to use lots of hashtags if your post deals with lots of different topics. Don't be embarassed to have a list of tags at the end, for example.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #Hashtags

There is now an editable list with academic Fediverse accounts and servers.

• University accounts
• University instance
• Student groups
• Academic Instances

The list was created by @gerald_leppert and @favstarmafia, amongst others based on the FediScience server list.

Which is based on the longer list of Fediverse.Party.

Details, rules & stats are now available on supported instances!


More updates coming this weekend. #fediDB #activitypub #fediverse

Got Science? is a podcast produced by the Union of Concerned Scientists. This episode features an intriguing interview with network analyst Erin McAweeney, on mapping the disinformation networks on the social media datafarms:

#podcast #UOCS #GotScience #ErinMcAweeney #Graphika #disinformation #datafarms

@Gargron how would you feel about adding something like an "exchanged" request to the instance API that would complement "peers" and "activity"

It would return:
"week": "1574640000",
"peer": "masto.example",
"status-received": "37125",
"status-sent": "14239",

i.e. the number of statuses exchanged (in and out) with each of its peers for the current week.
How easy/hard would that be?

Also tagging

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(1/5) May 2021 - Summary
Universities in #Mastodon / #Fediverse

Which #universities are in the Fediverse?
Welche #Universitäten sind im Fediverse?

Summary of your responses in 4 posts:
• Official #university profile
• University instance
• Student committee, association & club
• Instances aiming @ #students #scholars #academics #researchers #scientists

#Fediscience maintains a list of Fediverse servers related to #science #research #education & #academia: @VictorVenema

For the Fediverse, I used an existing dataset that I coarse-grained to instance level so that it does not give out any personal information.
I'd be quite interested in the possibility of getting instance-level information directly so that people would not feel the incentive to scrap user-level information.
If any admin sees this, how easy would it be to provide monthly traffic between instances on some database that could be freely accessed? And how would you feel about that?

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We show why clustering coefficients like the one we introduce, i.e. that are fully weighted, provide better performance on specific example networks that mimic potential real world situations.
We then show that results on the mouse brain and the instance-level Fediverse reveal interesting (and puzzling) patterns that should relate to dynamical processes.
For the brain, it seems related to information redundancy but for the Fediverse it does not fit any interaction pattern I can think of...

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The paper discusses the tendency of nodes to cluster together (a major feature of real-world networks).
This is notably hard to quantify in weighted directed networks, where connections between nodes are unidirectional and have a specific attribute measuring the strength, the importance of their connection.
We discuss why specific properties like resilience to noise are important and associated to a mathematical feature called "continuity".
We provide a new method that fulfills this condition.

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OK, to compensate the recent lack of , here's a new preprint of mine:
"Weighted directed clustering: interpretations and requirements for heterogeneous, inferred, and measured networks"

I'll give details in the next post, but even if you're not into , you may want to check section IV.B because it talks about the .
I'm trying to increase its visibility by including it in my so I'd be happy to have feedback about it.

Hello! We are officially opening up the Presenter signup form for #SummerSchool

The conference will span from July 26 - August 6. It is an interdisciplinary free academic conference.

This form closes 5/22!

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