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Just realized I never did an on Fediscience...
So hi there! (better late than never)
I'm a physicist by training doing a postdoc on and

I like books, and I'm generally interested in and
I mostly talk about my research fields here, if you want to hear about FLOSS, (in) and , check my alt:

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I was looking for a tool in to do ...
I did not find anything I really liked, but stumbled on an old git repo with promising PRs:

A day later, I have a good enough tool for my use cases:

If you want to check it out or hunt bugs, it's now on Pypi: pip install mpl-chord-diagram

#introduction #mathstodon

Hi everyone. I'm a full time #parent full time #math student in my mid-thirties, I have a #ComputerScience background, my hobbies are computer stuff, #arduino and #esp32 tinkering, #reading, casual hiking. Things that are very important to me are #HumanRights, #CommunityDriven Projects, #Equality, #Privacy and #FOSS. I came here to reexperience social media after several years of abstinence. And to exchange with like-minded people. I use #ArchBTW.

LibreCast aims to provide a next generation internet with better privacy, more decentralisation, less spam and better energy efficiency by using "multicast". You can follow at:

➡️ @librecast

The website is at

You can see a brief overview on its funding page at

For a clearer explanation of what multicast even means, see the video at

#LibreCast #MultiCast #Internet #Technology #FOSS #Computing #Privacy #Environment #Dev

A very interesting paper about chemical gardens. Have a look at the figures!

Generation of chemobrionic jellyfishes that mechanically divide, grow and exhibit biomimetic “symbiosis”.

(1/3) For those of you wondering what I have been talking about when mentioning using #polygonSquiggles and #wedgeSquiggles in my art, here is a bit of stuff that I wrote about how the idea developed.

#mathart #mathsart

#science This is a good review of data-driven techniques applied to neuroimaging data, to try to identify robust and reliable mind/brain relationships--just accepted, it'll be out soon! Dive into how we have moved past "blobology" in the past decades, not just looking at red spots of activity in the functional MRI analyses anymore. 😁 Dust off your math skills, though!

Statistics terminology question 

Is there a term I can search for that describes the following:

- Study shows that A is correlated with B, r=0.9
- Different study shows C is correlated with B, r=0.8

The term I'm looking for is the "implied correlation" (my term) of A and C. 1) is it even epistemically valid, 2) how to calculate the implied r

My instinct tells me 1) is "sort of" and 2) is simply r1 * r2 but my instinct is often wrong. Also does Bayes' theorem somehow apply here??

Wrapping another week of daily hand drawn generative art, with a fun ink combination...well, it's a fun combination for me. Here's a photo of it in-progress.

#generativeart #ink #drawing #art #WorkinProgress #dailydrawing

Hey people, I'm thinking of making an alt to talk about day-to-day stuff (gaming, pico8 programming, pictures of walks, more gaming, weird thoughts, japan shitposting, the occasional mental health rant).

How do you go around choosing an instance for an alt? I have checked the "more" page of a dozen or so cool looking instances, but it seems that for a personal alt the community is the most important part, and I have no idea how to look for that, so I'm still confused.

Any advice appreciated!

"Asymptotic burnout and homeostatic awakening: a possible solution to the Fermi paradox?"

This paper proposes a new evolution path for possible societies across the universe, that could answer the Fermi Paradox and the idea of "Great Filters"

In short, the questions raised by the Fermi Paradox, the Kardashev scale, etc, adheres to assumptions based on our capitalist societies ("growth or else!") that "might" not be universal 😏


Which of the following drugs is not derived from plants:

Mysterious hepatitis outbreak sickens young children in Europe as CDC probes cases in Alabama

Researchers suspect an adenovirus may be involved, but are still searching for the cause of illness. #virology

Cc. @CarpaccioDiScienza

To encode an adjacency matrix A, techniques like k² trees recursively divide A into k² (e.g. 4) submatrices and write them as nodes in a tree with 0 or 1 at each level marking if the submatrix is empty or not, the lowest-level 1-leaves containing an eplicit submatrix.
Domain-specific applications can combine/modify techniques to exploit a particular organization/hierarchy in the graph or accomodate given properties.
E.g. URLs can be encoded with different schemes for global and local links.


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Adjacency list encoding techniques include, among other things:
- variable-length encoding (VLE: store the vertex ids with a number of bytes that depends on their size, instead of 4/8 bytes for all)
- vertex relabeling (relabel to have mostly small integers appearing so VLE is most efficient)
- reference encoding (refer to identical neighbor lists seen before)
- gap encoding (if there are contiguous vertices in the neighbor list, store the gap rather than all entries)


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Survey and Taxonomy of Lossless Graph Compression and Space-Efficient Graph Representations

gives an impression overview of lossless graph compression methods from 3 different perspectives:
- research areas (what do people in your field use?)
- techniques (how the graph is compressed)
- features (what type of graph/property are the focus)



#TIL hosts a list of instances (formatted as a JSON file) regularly updated by a crawler.


Hey scholar buds.
If you're responding to your post making a thread, making the responses unlisted will help them not clutter up the timeline.
They'll still be visible as a thread that can be expanded.

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