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Just realized I never did an on Fediscience...
So hi there! (better late than never)
I'm a physicist by training doing a postdoc on and

I like books, and I'm generally interested in and
I mostly talk about my research fields here, if you want to hear about FLOSS, (in) and , check my alt: @tfardet

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I was looking for a tool in to do ...
I did not find anything I really liked, but stumbled on an old git repo with promising PRs:

A day later, I have a good enough tool for my use cases:

If you want to check it out or hunt bugs, it's now on Pypi: pip install mpl-chord-diagram


#FluidDyn is an educational / research project to advance the field of #FluidMechanics through computational, experimental and data processing methods. The motivation behind this project is given here:

We develop primarily in #Python. We are also proponents of #OpenScience philosophy. This account is managed by @ashwinvis (for now). Follow us for updates about our project and in extension exciting developments in the scientific stack of Python.

#introduction #introductions #OpenSource
a Prime Minister is a minister who is not divisible by ministers other than themselves and the Unit Minister

πŸ”” Science Summary for last month

#Science #summary #Wikipedia #sciences #OpenScience #news #month #review #September #monthreview #update #research #ScienceCommunication #SciCommunity #SciComm

----------------- Selection -----------------

The Wikipedia article also has wikilinks to the relevant Wikipedia articles and timelines.

Some more relevant information (e.g. rough criteria) can be found on the list's talk page. If you can't read a paper you could use

------------------ Sources ------------------

Also includes a few missing items.

--------- Monthly newsletter ---------

I was working on calculating the standard deviation between two data points in a 2D-space when only individual standard deviations in x- and y-dimension are known. In the end, this worked with trigonometry from an elliptical SD space. I wonder why this never showed up during my university studies? Seems to me a very good way to project inter-datapoint distances in a (low) multidimensional space into a digestible figure, such as a boxplot...


Hello there!
I'm a first-year PhD student studying psychology in a small French-Canadian university. My thesis is about psychometrics and climate for LGBTQ2+ folks. I also do some work in fundamental cognition and reading. I absolutely don't consider myself an expert on any of this though, so feel free to point out my errors!

Other than that, I'm in my late 20s and trans, I like birds, video games, sweets, anime and drawing.

Looking forward to meeting you all! :)

The World Meteorological Organization (@WMO) is the oldest international organization and they have been doing from the start: coordinate how measurements are made so that they are better comparable and agree on protocols for sharing the data internationally.

With some colleagues I wrote a WMO guidance on the homogenization of climate data, i.e. making data comparable in time. This post is the deleted chapter on future research needs.

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I found out that a specific subsampling of a certain network made it look like Darth Vador... do you think I can sell that to a journal? It is a brain network...

#ClimateFeedback is a group of climate scientist reviewing press articles on climate change, but there is only so much a few scientists can do & by the time the reviews are in & summarized the article is mostly old news.

With a larger group we could review more articles & have results while people are still reading it.

We could test how well such a larger group does (& how to statistically combine their grades) by comparing their assessments with the ones later published by Climate Feedback.

Just having registered in search for alternative ways to social media. Looking for conversations about #science being a #scientist myself ( #biology , #chemistry ), and always curious about #arts and #culture . | #introduction

Today on the bioinformatics chat David Kelley from Calico talks about using machine learning to predict the effects of genomic mutations

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: your commit history is not a chronological log of what you did.

Every time you press Ctrl+Z without committing beforehand, you erase some of your code history. And that's fine: it's not informative.

Your typo fix is not going to help anyone debug an issue later. Make your commit log useful. Rebase.

#inktober, intersensus, small ontologies 

An #inktober sketch drafting ideas for an iconography of intersensus, a concept for understanding the ethics of shared sensory communication environments as a macrostate of consensual, dissensual, and non-consensual situations.

#UniversityCollegeLondon (#UCL) are opening their new Office for #OpenScience and Scholarship. Good on them, and good to see the principles (along with the promotion of collaboration and #FAIRData principles) spreading furher every day.

#science #research

Looking for a good book about game theory in biology? This is surely an excellent introduction by some of the most influential theoreticians in behavioural ecology. #science #biology #gametheory #evolution #animalbehaviour
πŸ“„ McNamara & Leimar (2020) Game theory in biology: concepts and frontiers. Oxford University press, Oxford, UK

Hybrid vs full open-access journal 

@meisam @ashwinvis We need a bundle of strategies.
1. Flipping journal (like SCOAP3).
2. Starting new clearly better journals.
3. Encouraging people to publish their manuscripts (as physics already does a lot).
4. Plan S
5. Encouraging authors to prefer open access journals.
6. Break the power of the publishers with an independent peer review system. @GrassrootsReview
7 ...

= equal
≑ very equal
≣ exTREMEly equal (more bars = more equal)
β‰… very nearly equal
≃ pretty equal
β‰ˆ equal enough
∼ not totally unrelated

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