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Just realized I never did an on Fediscience...
So hi there! (better late than never)
I'm a physicist by training doing a postdoc on and

I like books, and I'm generally interested in and
I mostly talk about my research fields here, if you want to hear about FLOSS, (in) and , check my alt:

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Just released version 0.4 of mpl-chord-diagrams with support for directed chords 🎉

If you're looking for a simple library in to make with , then this is for you!

You can simply install it via pip.

Please don't preorder/buy a digital edition of the live coding book coming out at the end of Nov on MIT press. It's open access and will be freely available as mobi, epub and pdf. They're also selling digital editions separately (despite us paying an open access subvention with public funds).
The ebooks will be free to download, edit and share under a CC-BY-SA license on their website, but hidden under the 'resources' tab. We're discussing how to make this clearer..

Mastodon's database size can often be reduced either through Postgres' VACUUM command or the pg_repack extension, the latter usually being more effective as a lot of the size is in index bloat which VACUUM does not touch. Mind that I do not recommend running VACUUM FULL unless you absolutely need to reclaim disk space on the system.

"Girls Who Code" appears on this year's list of books banned by US schools:

Apparently this happened not directly because the kind of people who ban books want women to be ignorant, but rather because these books appeared on a diversity resource list and the kind of people who ban books oppose diversity (meaning anything that would challenge the white cis male evangelical-Christian point of view) in all forms. Fortunately local protests got the ban rescinded.

This weekend I saw a quote from Hayao Miyazaki on a cemetery wall that has been churning around in my head:


I missed my !

I am a PhD in Human-Robot Interaction , and I have worked 10+ years on software for NAO and Pepper, two famous .

I'm also interested in cognitive science , its consequences in , and its power to cut the bs.

I am currently a freelance ( and I promote my work, my knowledge and my opinion on and . I wish to foster some common grounds with research and industrial peers.

#science Let's talk about the thalamus! (Seriously: A supremely important part of the brain!) In "All Roads Lead to Rome: Harnessing Thalamic Neuromodulation for Difficult-to-treat Neurological Disorders" we have articles on stimulating the thalamus for treatment of drug resistant epilepsy. It's wild--they can use the implants in the thalamus in humans to detect and stop the seizures, is the general idea. It's small studies or lit reviews but the impact can be tremendous!

This is not Occam's principle! Of course the simplest explanations are not always the best ones. Instead, the principle postulates that an increase in complexity *must* be accompanied by sufficient evidence. Its correct use solves all the problems in the trite article below.

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"Reducing the gain around a positive loop — slowing the growth — is usually a more powerful leverage point in systems than strengthening negative loops, and much preferable to letting the positive loop run."

- #DonellaMeadows, 'Leverage Points'

Yes I've posted this link and some quotes from it already, but I'm posting again because it's so important and useful.

#growth #ComplexSystems #LeveragePoints

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Just out on “Ordered community detection in directed networks”

Explainer thread here:

Code here:


New on the “Ordered community detection in directed networks”

A short thread... 1/9


#introduction so I can pin this

Hi, I'm Aen!

I'm 22, British-Indian, he/him, I live in the UK, and I am a Computer Science student, specifically going down the Networking path.

My other interests are Eurovision, reading (although I mainly read Sci-fi/Fantasy, I'm very open to exploring other genres), history, and talking to people here!

A couple of years ago I started, an effort to contribute to making publicly funded academic works freely available to all.

The centre of #OpenAccess gravity used to be Europe. Now, the US appears to be looking to catch up, which is great news for this issue that is dear to my heart:

Rust in Perspective - by linusw

If you want to know the future of programming languages, you should give this a read.

Really interesting and inspiring blog post about the history of programming languages and how with #Rust we finally have a language that combines computer science with software engineering. ✨

#RustLang #ProgrammingLanguage #ComputerScience #SoftwareEngineering #FunctionalProgramming

Usually, Mastodon only shows the first part (or "handle") of a Fediverse address in posts.

However, if there are two accounts with the same first part, Mastodon shows the accounts' full addresses including their server names.

This is deliberate, it's to avoid confusion when two different accounts with identical handles are being discussed in the same post.

For example the libre gardening organisation Open Source Gardens has a main account at and a video account at which both have the same handle. As you can see, Mastodon automatically displays their full Fediverse addresses.

#MastoTips #Mastodon

Let's start my career here with an #introduction :
♥ I have a #BSc in #physics
♥ An #MSc in #geophysics (specialized in #space #research and remote sensing)
♥ currently doing #PhD in space research with focus on our near #plasma environment.
♥ With experience in #satellite #communication (link budget calculations)
♥ and deep neural networks.


Earlier this year we embarked on some #multicast experiments with our IoT updater POC code with Fed4fire+.

@EC_NGI published a blog about the project.

Twin-width (, new Wikipedia article. This is currently a very hot topic in structural graph theory and parameterized graph algorithms, with at least 25 papers all since 2020. So probably this article will need some updating as more results emerge.

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