Not being allowed to make a research on the content of messages on this server does not sound very easy to find Pouets that could be of interest. Why is this blocked? I'm new to Mastodon maybe there is a very good reason, this is a true question.

@PCI_Archaeology What are Pouets?

People? You can find all active people on this server in the directory.

Mastodon is about having conversations with your friends, not about searching for term x and picking fights over that topic with strangers.

I cannot find the button, but I think this is a setting we could change. That would be a conversation to have. On a science server I do not expect people to pick fights as much & search to be more of a priority.

@wim_v12e @PCI_Archaeology Okay, no the only thing you can search for internally are hashtags and accounts.

So if you want to be found: use hashtags.

@VictorVenema iirc, to get full text search you'd need to install ElasticSearch


@wim_v12e @VictorVenema
From what I see ElasticSearch has to be installed in the server of the mastodont and not me on my own computer isn't it?


@PCI_Archaeology That is correct, it needs to be installed on the server, I was addressing this to Victor, sorry if that wasn't clear.


@wim_v12e @PCI_Archaeology Yes, and you would still only be able to do a partial search.

"Mastodon’s full-text search allows logged in users to find results from their own toots, their favourites, and their mentions. It deliberately does not allow searching for arbitrary strings in the entire database."

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