In the past months I have written a series of blog posts on functional programming with a particular (but by no means exclusive) focus on the Raku programming language. If you're curious about functional programming, I think this series might be a good if maybe somewhat challenging and idiosyncratic introduction. It starts with the very basics but covers some more advanced concepts further on.

The suggested reading order would be:

@wim_v12e I’m usually working with already existing codes and therefore my first question before learning any new language is: “Can I link to it using a C interface?”

@meisam But my purpose was to explain functional programming, the use of Raku is incidental.

@wim_v12e I gave it a try. The language is really interesting. Although I see how to call the C functions from Raku, I couldn’t figure out how to call Raku from C (how to compile Raku into an object file and link it to another C code). :thonking:


@meisam That is apparently still a work in progress, see here:

This will eventually allow you to link the VM into your C code.

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