For the 60th episode of the #bioinformatics chat, we're excited to bring you a conversation with Mike Love about his classic package DESeq2

Today on the #bioinformatics chat, Lindsay Pino discusses the difficulties of comparing proteomic (mass spec) measurements across different samples, potentially acquired in different labs, as well as a method she has developed recently for calibrating these measurements without the need for expensive reagents

Hello there. My name is Oleksandr (or "Sasha"), I recently started discovering the Fediverse.

I am a medical doctor by education, currently working on a PhD project in molecular medicine in Austria. I work half wet lab (cell and molecular biology) and half dry lab (bioinformatics, omics data analysis); my research focus is chronic liver diseases.

Outside work, I enjoy learning something new about computers and reading about space research.

Happy to be here & connect with you.

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