Academic and research Mastodon servers

This page lists Fediverse servers that are related to science, research, education and academia. Most are Mastodon servers where it is not that important where you start because it is really easy to move and because in the Fediverse it is possible to communicate with people on other servers. The main reasons to find a server that is right for you are the local time line with posts by people on your server, which can help build your circle of friends, and the moderation policies, which should fit your values. Most descriptions below are taken from a longer list at Suggestions for servers that should be on this list are very much welcomed.
For publishing scientists, from natural sciences to the humanities.
For researchers, undergrads, journal editors, librarians, administrators.
For tech workers, academics, students, and others in tech who are LGBTQA+ allies.
For Maths people. Toots with equations.
For researchers in information retrieval.
A Mastodon instance for programming language theorists and mathematicians. Or just anyone who wants to hang out.
For scientists and science enthusiasts.
For Eötvös Loránd (ELTE) University in Hungary.
For Latin American researchers, students, science communicators and tech workers.
(defunct) For naturalists and scientists that appreciate evidence based science.

Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums (GLAM)

The Mastodon server of the Code4lib community, which started as coders for libraries, but both aspects have broadened.
For folks interested in productive conversation about, well, galleries, libraries, archives, museums, memory work and records.
German libraries and information facilities.
Australian galleries, libraries, archives, museums and records people.
Conversations about digital preservation.
Helping educators improve the School Libraries Resource Network.

Scientific support and service
For anyone into data, visualization, creative coding, related arts and research.
Open Educational Resources Foundation (EORu) server.

Local servers
For the MIT community, USA.
For Berkeley, USA students, faculty and staff.
By Academic Computer Club at Umeå University, Sweden.
For the University of Twente community, Netherlands.
For METU university of Turkey.
Discussions about psychology for professors of SUAyED Psicología university of Mexico.
For French speaking science lovers.*
A server by the annual conference of German-language informatics students (Konferenz der Informatik-Fachschaften; KIF). But others are welcome.

* This is a Friendica server, which looks more like Facebook, but can also communicate with all Mastodon micro-blogging servers.